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Establishment of our school of health started after Council of Higher Education decided to open Midwifery and Nursing departments on the meeting dated 03.03.1997 which is based on University of Gaziantep's senate decision numbered 14.01.1997/2. Upon the acts of Ministry of health which are dated 09/23/ 1997 and numbered 4232, the building was transferred to University of Gaziantep while it was being used as Medical vocational high school. Yusuf Şerefoğlu School of health first began to teach in 1997-1998 academic year with 21 students in Department of Nursing.

Department of Midwifery started academic year in 1997-1998 with 13 students. No student has been admitted to department of Midwifery since 1999-2000 academic year. Yusuf Şerefoğlu School of health continued to give education within the body of University of Gaziantep until 2006-2007 and then, in 2007, with the establishment of Kilis 7 Aralık University, it was connected to here.

Health Care Management, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Child Development Departments were opened by the decision of Executive council of Higher Education dated 06.22.2010 and studies are still being continued for student admission to those departments.

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